Thursday, October 8, 2009

This weekend I head over to Ontario, OR for a 3 day college rodeo. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They put me up in the Holiday Inn, because the Saturday show starts at 8am. This is early, but it is designed to discourage Friday nite partying for the competitors. Also, the Hymns of Thanksgiving choir starts its rehearsals this week. Our performance will be in November. So, let's head out on the highway, don't forget a camera!


  1. Dad i really wish i was able to make it to the hymn of thanksgiving while i lived closer... i really love hearing you sing! ps you should really go and record a cd for us for christmas :)

  2. She means go and make the CD we already got you for Christmas :) (I'm not nagging. . . I know it is hard with work when you lose your voice)
    Drive safe and have fun!!!

  3. Hal I am so glad that I live close and will be at the hymns this year to hear you sing. Save me a seat ok.