Monday, September 28, 2009

What a wonderful, glorious monument to these angels

Sweet little Ellie, I just love the, 'love you infinity'

A loving tribute to our dearest Kaitlyn...

Here's the front and back of my brother David's headstone. Absolutely beautiful

After the rodeo on Saturday, we went to my brother David's house for a small gathering, this is his sweet daughter Jaden. Picture of family in background. Emily, Taylor and Jaden are all doing well. We stopped at grave site, and saw the most beautiful headstones, we love all of you!

Wow, what a week, Monday I was in having surgery, and Saturday our High School rodeo season started. My son Ryan went with me to New Plymouth, just in case I fell asleep or needed rest, thank goodness he was there! He played the DJ and ran the music for me. Two microphones? That's what happens when you take your prescription drugs just to get through the day... wired!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here I am, checking into the hospital. Take everything off and put on this paper thin gown, yeah ok
Yup, Andrew, this is the pose. Is it okay to borrow it from you for my pictures too?
This is Sarah, she helped take my temperature and blood/oxygen readings, and she called me HALL
All of the nursing staff knew mom, so I got extra special care. Here they are drawing blood and setting the IV in my hand for the anestesiologist
Here I am, post surgery, with my nurse, Patrick, and a friend, another photographer and rodeo and BSU fan, Cherri Rolland
Here is my new best friend, my surgeon, Dr. Frederick Foss. Everything went well, and he did a great job, thank you Doc Foss!
My mom, Peggy, sister Jennifer, and my niece Janae visiting me in the hospital, and brought a balloon, to add to the one Patti brought me.
Maria drove my wheel chair down to the front of the hospital, where mom was waiting to take me home for the rest of my recovery. Thanks to everyone and the staff on the 9th floor of St. Als for making my stay a comfortable one.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday morning and off to Eagle, I have some family and a senior portraits to take. Tomorrow, big day, check in at hospital is 9:30am.

Celebrating the wedding of Jason Miller and Tori Kent, here in Marsing, Idaho. They were both involved in rodeo as kids, back when we met, and college rodeo'd also. Wow, time goes by....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

These are especially for our family who for some reason, (jobs, school, distance) couldn't make it to the celebration. There'll be more, but I need to get out to Marsing for part 2 of my weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, Ralph Foote and I shot in the new Garden Valley gym, lookin' good.

Garden Valley has a new school and a bright new gym too. Chancey Jones has taken the wheel as this years driving force in an undefeated season so far. Go Wolverines!!
This is a traditional player/grandparent shot, here you go Doug

Monday afternoon, Kuna gym, for some great volleyball action. Macy Hagler, (rodeo friend) hits a great volley.
Another, player/grandpa shot.
This weekend, it's off to Salt Lake City for a wedding on Friday. My niece, Jeni M is getting hitched, and I will be taking the wedding pictures, and providing the music at the reception. Then, Saturday morning, I'll fly back to Boise, and head over to Marsing for the Jason Miller-Tori Kent wedding. I will have the DJ responsibilities there. Sunday, Eagle, Idaho and some family portraits. Then the big day, Monday morning I will check into the hospital for my gall bladder removal surgery. I hope to have pictures up of each of these events, but might be slowed up after Monday.

Sunday, bright and early, back on the road again, to New Plymouth, Idaho and an IGRA rodeo. With me in the announcers booth are Bullet Bezona, Jessi Jane Portenier, and Speedy Gordon. These kids are the future of rodeo. All three had good runs, and fast times.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, the 12th, Abra and Matt were married in Emmett at 2:30. Then we all hit the road for Boise, and enjoyed a reception at the Holiday Inn on Vista. Here they are, ready to leave the party and head to the Oregon coast for their honeymoon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday night at the drag races. Firebird raceway was my destination tonight. This is Rod Mills, a friend with a cherry Monte Carlo. He races for the Melba Outlaws club, so we shot a lot of nice action photos of the cars from his club.

Over the years, we've tried to garden, but have been less than successful. But this year, we planted and have had a bountiful harvest. Here is some of the corn that we gathered in. Our tomatoes also came in nicely.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In a land far, far away, Detroit Michigan, my little grandson Andrew started kindergarten this week. We all wish him luck as he heads out into the big world.

Kuna celebrates the win in Weiser. This year, I will post my sports photos on two sights, and Should be a great year for high school sports.

Thursday was race day. Big cross country meet in Weiser, Idaho. Michael Gordon took 1st place in the boys race, and Jeni Hagler placed 7th. Both medaled. The boys team took 1st place overall and the Kuna girls team were second.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday night, we hit the road for Cascade, Idaho. We had dinner at our favorite diner in Cascade, Grammas Resturant. Then we jumped back in the car, headed for the Valley County Fairgrounds and Rodeo arena. I announced the Bulls, Broncs and Barrels Bash. Here we are after the event with Cole Slagel, a bull and bronc rider from Emmett.
If you look real hard, you can see kids dancing in the background

After the game, the crowd moved inside, where I was the DJ. With the loss on the field, the crowd was not as big as normal, but everyone that came had a good time. (always helps if they win the game!)

Friday night started out with the kick-off game between Fruitland and Emmett. Unfortunately, Fruitland outlasted the Huskies, and won, 24-17.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here's one from the announcer's stand in Caldwell. Lindsey Smith, our little 'betty crocker' bakes delicious chocolate chip cookies for our rodeo family. Umm umm umm!