Monday, October 26, 2009

Boy, it's hard to believe that a week has gone by, since we returned from our trip to the midwest. Saturday night, we went over to Caldwell, Idaho to help celebrate my dear friend, Ruth Rhoades' 80th birthday party. I provided the music, both recorded and live. I sang, as well as some of her other friends. It was a nice evening with friends. (Oh, and mom wanted me to point out, she is on my right, blue and white stripe shirt.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

What will the kids remember? Hallie, eating a Reeses peanut butter cup on grampa's arm. (till it melted) Andrew and Brendan, throwing rocks into the mighty Mississippi.

Here are gramma and grampa in front of the Nauvoo temple. Great trip....
This has become known as the pose....

Here we are in Nauvoo, making rope. We were lucky, and they weren't too busy, and let us make two, (one for each of the boys)

What a wonderful trip, we drove to Kirksville, Missouri, picked up Lisa2 and Ryan2, visited the medical college where Ryan is enrolled, then, off to Iowa and Nauvoo, Illinois. Christina, and her family left Detroit, Michigan with their Garmin, and we met in Keotuk, Iowa. Here we are swimming and having fun with the grandkids

Here are Brendan and Andrew and Gramma playing monster checkers

What would we have done without Garmin? Our newest friend and hi-tech companion, took us from Kansas City all the way to Iowa.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well, mom and I are so proud of our little garden, these are some of the pumpkins that were in our 'grandparent' pumpkin patch, obviously the cute one with a hairdo was a gift...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was at Ontario Oregon. The tempurature was so cold, but Lyndsey Smith, brought several fresh-baked batches of original toll house cookies to the announcer stand(in my hand). We had a great rodeo, see you all next spring when the season resumes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This weekend I head over to Ontario, OR for a 3 day college rodeo. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They put me up in the Holiday Inn, because the Saturday show starts at 8am. This is early, but it is designed to discourage Friday nite partying for the competitors. Also, the Hymns of Thanksgiving choir starts its rehearsals this week. Our performance will be in November. So, let's head out on the highway, don't forget a camera!

Monday, October 5, 2009

This weekend was the Idaho Girls rodeo, and the weather was terrible. Cold, windy and rainy. We were indoors, but still cold. Sydney Locke gave me a cute pumpkin. Cruiser, Karliegh Robinson stopped by, as did Dallie Rose Bean, Makayla Seburn and Macy Hagler. We had a great, but chilly weekend.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Back home for a peaceful Friday night. Saturday and Sunday are the year-end finals rodeos for the IGRA. Will update after performance. My surgery went well, and except for an occasional pain flair-up, I think the healing process has gone well. Thanks to everyone for worrying and caring.
After the funeral, I went to the Filer vs Buhl football game. It was homecoming, and Jesse Vierstra was nominated for junior class royalty. At the game, I realized their quarterback was #10, Colton Baratti, another rodeo star, and senior queen contestant, Kindee Wilson, yet another rodeo all-star! So it made a freezing night more enjoyable, once again, rodeo made the world a little smaller. (Jesse didn't win, but the girl he escorted won Jr. Princess)

Went to Buhl, Idaho for the funeral of a great man. After listening to the talks at the funeral, Luke Parnell took on super-hero status. In these pictures are some of his kids and grandkids, and even great grandkids. Rodeo brought us together and made us all family.